Design and implement

Design and implement

Thursday, January 19, 2017

From tax trends to  assessment to implementation

Lets just assume that tax transparency and disclosure of tax risks to the tax authorities is mandatory in force in every country and that the effectiveness of a tax control framework should be proven.
  • Are OECD's Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes data requests (monthly and on request) - now rolled out in various European countries - the start of a new beginning for better audits by the tax authorities?
  • Is it likely that tax authorities will get access to more sophisticated tax analytics tools?
  • Do companies need better risk management tools to meet tax objectives set derived from business objectives?
  • Do companies face additional tax risk due to (close to) real time data requests of the tax authorities - implemented for example in Brasil and will be in force in Spain per July 1, 2017 - and does it impact a company's audit defense, tax risk management, ERP systems and tax technology?
Without doubt, the answer to all questions is a resounding yes.

Source: From tax strategy to artificial intelligence to automating the tax adviser | Richard H. Cornelisse | Pulse | LinkedIn

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