Design and implement

Design and implement

Thursday, August 25, 2016

SAP add-on for SAF-T Poland

In Europe SAF-T is now in force in Austria, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Poland. Germany, UK, Ireland, Norway and the Czech Republic are most likely next to introduce SAF-T. Lithuania is expanding its SAF-T.
Starting October 1, 2016 all VAT-registered taxable persons, - including foreign companies registered for VAT - will be required to submit a SAF-T file in XML format to the LT Tax authorities on a monthly basis.

SAF-T SAP solution: fully integrated in SAP

We now offer a SAP add-on solution for SAF-T Poland (ABAP) at a fixed all inclusive fee. It is fully integrated in SAP without an external interface or use of external software. All inclusive means implementation, training and 1 year of free support and maintenance for bug-fixes & legal updates.
Our IT solution can be reused for other countries.

SAF-T Poland

Besides the monthly SAF-T VAT file in Poland, companies have to be able to meet the SAF-T obligation 'on request' containing different legal requirements. This submission applies in case of a preliminary tax inquiry, a tax audit and tax proceedings where the SAF-T file should be provided to the PL tax authorities in a short timeframe.  To avoid disputes and or penalties it is therefore important that a company is ready.

To establish synergies we have setup a joint venture initiative with a global development partner of SAP and leading software company in the area of e-invoice, e-bookkeeping, e-archive, e-ticket and such SAP add-ons in Poland. This company provides SAP certified add-ons for legal compliance to a large number of global well-known companies.
  • Runs over SAP
  • User friendly with single user interface (SAP)
  • Easy to install by external SAP transport
  • Easy to maintain by upgrades via transport files
  • Has its own global SAP namespace so there is no effect on SAP standards and is not affected by SAP upgrades
  • Standard SAP authorizations used
  • Open source code as ABAP programming language
  • Vendor independent
  • One year free maintenance service including bug-fixes & upgrades according to legal compliance
Last Thursday - 25 August 2016 - was the deadline of the monthly VAT SAF-T PL submission.
Our generated SAF-T VAT file reconciles with the numbers of the Polish VAT return and have also been checked with the official tool of the Ministry of Finance.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Norway might introduce SAF-T

Norway has now also proposed to introduce SAF-T reporting for VAT registered businesses with a go-live date of 1 January 2017.

Tax authorities, due to technological innovations, have become increasingly better in executing their tax audit. The probability that the Tax Authorities will issue additional assessments and penalties in the near future because errors in indirect tax are detected, increases by the day. The SAF-T standard, originally created by the OECD, is intended to give tax authorities easy access to the relevant data in an easily readable format. This leads to much more efficient and effective tax inspections.
  1. Mandatory e-filing
  2. Benchmark: SAP and SAF-T PL
  3. Innovation and tax authorities